How to Make Your Garden Party a Success This Summer

Posted by on Mar 14, 2018 in Garden Parties | Comments Off on How to Make Your Garden Party a Success This Summer


There is no better way to welcome the summer than to throw a raving garden party for your neighbors, family and friends. As with all parties, however, garden parties can go wrong if not planned for properly. You want everyone to be comfortable and have fun and also enjoy some hearty snacks. Here are some tips to help you plan:

• Make sure that there is adequate seating. One of the most challenging things about throwing a garden party is finding enough seats for everyone. You may have 3 or 4 patio chairs, but will those be enough for all your guests? With a little creativity you can ensure that anyone who wants to sit gets a comfortable spot. On top of your patio chairs pull out your dining chairs, kitchen stools and poufs. Group seats together and make sure that there is a table at each station. Grab several colorful blankets and cushions and create picnic areas, but make sure that there aren’t any ants in the grass.

• Bugs are one reason why many people choose indoor parties over outdoor ones. You don’t have to forgo the sunshine if you know how to avoid of bugs during your party. Start by draining all stagnant water that is near your garden – mosquitoes breed there and they will “attend” your party. As for the food area, protect it with a hanging net. Make sure that plates are cleared as soon as they are used to avoid attracting ants.

• Don’t serve any heavy foods – it will make your guests feel too full, and don’t be surprised if you catch one or two of them dozing away somewhere in a corner. Focus instead on finger foods and barbecue.

• Serve light alcohol in the afternoon so that no one gets too drunk. You can serve hard liquor as the evening rolls in, but if you notice any of your guests getting too drunk put them in a taxi and send them home.

Lastly, make sure to leave time aside for cleaning up your garden after the party is over. There will be plates, cups, glasses and food particles everywhere, and if you don’t take care of them in a timely fashion you may be inviting an ant problem. Enlist the help of one or two friends to make sure that your garden is clean before you retire.