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Marquee/party/event hire business

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wedding marqueesOrganizing Wedding Marquees or other similar events is often a big deal. It’s often easier to find marquees for hire instead. This is because they will have all of the experience necessary to make all of the different levels of your part or event work out. Here are some examples.


It’s easy to forget, but catering is a big part of any event. All of that food has to come from somewhere, and someone has to do all of the logistical planning for it. It’s often much easier to find some experts to do it then doing it yourself.

After all, do you really want to spend days and weeks beforehand obsessing about what type of food that you want to add at the party? This is pretty unlikely. It’s easier just to ask someone else to organize it all and just giving them the basics of what you want. After all, someone has to make a lot of phone calls to local catering businesses and wrangle scheduling and timings in order to make it all work out.

Ideally, this someone wouldn’t be you. Instead, you should be enjoying yourself.

Chairs and Furniture

Another thing that’s easy to forget about in the hustle to get an event planned properly is all of the furniture. It’s also true that the chairs and tables have to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, they won’t just pop into existence from nowhere, though that would be nice. Some venues will be able to provide enough chairs and tables for you, but this certainly isn’t always necessarily the case.

Instead, you may need someone to organize all of this as well. You’d be amazed just how much work goes into something as simple as where everyone has to sit, and making sure that everyone has their own chair.


Getting a DJ that works for everyone is also going to be an important part of many events, including weddings, for example. This is also a surprisingly complex process. You really don’t want to end up with a DJ that people aren’t going to like. Not all DJs are the same. Some mostly just play the music and stay out of people’s way.

This is going to be good for some people, but not for others. After all, some people prefer more interaction from a DJ. They prefer a DJ that can really get people moving and help everyone have fun and feel connected to everyone else at the party. But other times this isn’t going to be as ideal. Some crowds might dislike having DJs try and engage them too much. It’s really about what works for you, and this is exactly why having someone organize it all effectively is so important to your long-term enjoyment of the event. This is why getting the right marquee hire, chair hire, and catering hir is key.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Marquee As A Market Stall

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Marquee As A Market Stall

When it comes to marquees, they really have numerous uses.  Since there are a lot of different sizes of marquees, you can choose the size according to the use you will put it to.  There are five main reasons why you should consider using a marquee as a market stall, and why a marquee makes a better market stall than any other type of stalls.

  1. Easy To Set Up

$_1A marquee is really easy to set up.  You won’t need any of advanced skills or expertise in order to set up a marquee stall.  Furthermore, they are very lightweight, and you can easily carried them and transfer them.  If you choose to use a marquee as a market stall, you will have the opportunity to set it up yourself, as well as to choose a desired size of a marquee.

  1. Cheap

Another advantage to using a marquee as a market stall is the fact does marquees are considerably less expensive than all other market stalls.  Furthermore, this will allow you to save money on stall.  Moreover, this is an inexpensive way for you to start a business, and even though it might be a small one, or just owning a market stall – we all have to begin somewhere.

Watch how to setup marquee

  1. Choose Your Location

10x10-market-layout-lgeIf you choose to use a marquee you will be able to change your location and changed the place where you keep your stall.  This will allow you to expand your business and try out different things in your business.  By no means does this mean that you are taking any kind of chances or risks considering your business, but rather that you are just expanding the possibilities and trying out new things.

  1. Easily Removed

If for any reason your house to remove your market stall, it’ll be a lot easier with marquees.  Just as they are easy to set up, they are equally easily removed.  If you want to keep your stall more mobile and light, you should definitely consider using a marquee stall for your market stall.

  1. Durable

Sometimes people wrongly believe that because marquees are easy to set up and easy to remove, that they are not as durable.  Furthermore, some people have mistaken their lightness for lack of quality.  You should be assured that marquees are very quality products which use the latest technology in order to provide quality experience.  Also marquees nowadays are made from quality materials which are quite a durable.

  1. Windows

marquee2Furthermore, you should use of marquee as a market stall because it is very easy to use, and it resembles a proper stall, and I dare say that it is even better than other kind of stalls.  Also, some people fear that a marquee stalls do not have a windows, and this is completely not true.  Marquee stalls do have windows, and they come in different designs, so you can choose from a variety of designs marquee stall which you think is the best for you and which satisfies your needs.

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