Event Industry News – Tailgating with Technology

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 event industry trends

Tailgating has been a popular activity for countless sporting enthusiasts and aficionados. From barbecues and beer bashes to family events – these events continue to attract thousands of football fans across the nation. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, there will be non-stop tailgating parties happening throughout the country. In recent years, however, the practice of tailgating has also developed into a networking forum for professionals. Imagine eating scrumptious cheeseburgers and downing cold beverages while discussing potential business deals with colleagues and new friends? This trend continues to grow in popularity, and is rapidly becoming the norm at tailgating events from coast to coast.

Technology and Networking

As part of our ongoing series on event industry happenings – we last touched on the importance of shared technologies at public events. This includes restrictions on bandwidth and network access – which ensures guests will only Tweet and post Facebook pictures on the event itself. This growing trend has also crossed into the world of tailgating. According to industry experts, sporting arenas are now limiting access for fans that want to check e-mail and browse the web while the game is in progress. Now what exactly does this have to do with tailgating you might ask? It has a lot to do with professionals who rely on tailgating to network with potential clients and customers. In fact, this trend guarantees that fans attending the game – or outside the arena at tailgating parties – will only be able to post updates and photos about the event itself.

According to IT experts, the growing limits on shared Wi-Fi has resulted in the following:

·         A decrease in business owners attending tailgating events or games to market their products and services.

·         These business owners must now hand out traditional business cards – since access to their blogs, sites, and commercial Facebook accounts may be limited or blocked.

·         Business owners have been forced to accept the “no solicitation” policies many stadiums and arenas have in effect.

While this may seem negative in nature and a violation of personal privacy and rights – stadiums are within their legal right to determine Wi-Fi access for public events. There are also a number of positive aspects associated with these rules, including:

·         Fans are able to enjoy tailgating parties and football games – and can share their posts and photos about the game online –and in real-time.

·         While networking is still popular, business owners can simply opt to make new friends – and contact them later about business opportunities and other matters.

·         The “no solicitation” rules guarantee that all patrons and fans should not be bothered by business owners looking to market products and services. Any violations can be reported to security personnel or the stadium itself.

Double Standards?

Even with these rules supposedly in place, they revolve around grey and murky areas. After all, how can you limit solicitation when vendors are always trying to sell you snacks and beer? This has become an issue with no concrete responses or resolutions. Even with restricted Wi-Fi access, can anyone truly guarantee that people will not try to market their businesses and services to unsuspecting fans? Similarly, how can stadiums fully ensure that the only marketing taking place will be about the games?

Stay tuned.

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South Asian Wedding Expo Vivaah 2015

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Asian wedding expo vivah

A very rare and one of a kind Wedding expo was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Oct.11. This expo was held to allow future brides and grooms to have a glimpse at what a perfect wedding should be like. Future brides and grooms pulled out in large numbers hence marking it as one of the most highly attended wedding expos in India.

The reason behind it was for couples to make a choice and help them decide on what type of wedding they would love to have. Visitors enjoyed eye neutrinos with array of exquisite elaborate displays at the wedding show. The products arraigned for the visitors to have a look on included, vendors with jewelry, photography wedding services, skin care products, places to have your wedding at, and many other related wedding specifications. Due to the high demand of Indians doing greater things than anyone else, weddings have become a completion.

South Asian wedding Expo 2015

The common limo company wedding traits is getting out of date so many people need the Bentleys and Lamborghinis. There were a variety of delicacies that were sampled by the attendees at the expo. The delicacies were up to date and some were never heard of by most people at the expo. The most anticipated event was when the display of fashionable latest wedding gowns and trousseau.

The runway was decorated with models clad in traditional Indian wears and lehenga dresses that were fashionably tailored with colorful expedition’s portraying an ethnic and contemporary collection wear. With a blend of the 60’s and the current Bollywood style, the models managed to captivate the striking features of the outfits. The models slayed the hair do with innumerable outfit colors.

Indian grooms and bridals

All were looking flashy in Gold to shimmery ivory. The color spectrum alluded in avast portrayal of bright colorful dresses from pink to midnight blues. Cocktail dresses did not miss out of the dressing show, and the guest had a great virility of dresses to look from. Intricate thread work topped the expo list with nice looking colored stones and zardozi. Beads with laces were the most asked most especially the ladies Ultra luxury look was portrayed in attires made from fabrics like brocade and georgette.

To add to the classy looks, laces and velvet were the modes of the day. The bridal wear was complimented by exquisite gold and flashy diamonds too. The men were also adequately represented with elegant tuxedos and multihued sherwanis. Entertainment in music and dance could not be avoided with a major performance from Shalini Dance Academy. The entertainment was continued by the performances by the Mona Khan Dance Company. This was interspersed in between the fashion show proceeding.

Puneet Singh and Vishal Gurbuxani emceed the event. The two emcees entertained the crowd and kept the busy all through the expo. The response and views on social media proved that the expo was a major success. Business prospect was improved for the exhibitors by the face to face encounter with their customers. This was viewed as a way of increasing their business clientele and attracting new clients in the market.

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Considerations for outdoor entertaining

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Having outdoor entertainment comes with a full package. It enables you to enjoy both the fresh air outside and the vast free space for relaxation and movement.

You can have regular barbecues with friends and even have a big wedding of hundreds and over guests. Despite the readiness and accessibility of outdoor entertainment premises, organizers still ought to make proper arrangements. Backyards have been used by many homeowners to host parties for their friends. However, places like parks need you to transport food and other stuff like drinks and chairs.

This is very inconveniencing and requires proper planning and arrangements. Backyards are very conveyancing you can just cook in your kitchen and carry the food directly to the backyard, or you can cook and have the barbecue at the backyard. However, the backyard has to look like a worthy party area. This needs early preparations and knowing the number of your guests.

You can organize the place by cleaning up and disposing of all the debris and anything not worth being in a party place. If the grass is overgrown, do not forget to cut it short. Create a smooth path for your guest with no blockades like fallen branches or household tools like wheelbarrows. Seating for your guests is also imperative if you do not have enough seats you can rent some so that your guest will be comfortable throughout the function.

Provide shade and shelter

awnings on a partyWhen organizing a party outside most people do not put bad weather into consideration. Many party organizers have always been disappointed when a bright sunny day suddenly turn into massive dark clouds. It is advisable to have plan B for just in case it starts raining or snowing. Mother Nature is very unpredictable and loves messing up during big occasions. You can put Awnings and patio umbrellas or pop up tents to be on the safe side. Your guests will adequately be protected if it rains.

There are party planning companies that hire tents. You can approach them and strike a deal with them. The tents not only protect your guest from the rain but also the sun. People can not stand the sun’s rays for a long time so they will need some shelter. The party organizers can help you erect these tents and provide the shed for your guest and avoid direct sunshine exposure. Sitting under the sun for along time is not healthy for most people. It can cause some people to develop health complications.

Always keep food temperatures consistent

Serving dishes that can keep food warm or hot is good for outdoor parties. This is because you may not have access to fire. This implies to buffet kind of parties. The food safety is also paramount. Only allow the people you invited to serve your guests around the food area. You can use chafing dishes to keep food hot and at needed temperatures. Freezing food or serving food under frozen ice servers can also keep food healthy and safe.

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Planning an Outdoor Event? Don’t Get Left Out in the Rain

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outdoor lighting fairy light canopy marquee party tent


Britain is a land of many exquisite natural wonders and undeniably beautiful gardens and parks, so it only makes sense that people would want to make the most of the fabulous scenery on hand. Why would anyone want to hold a wedding, party or event in a dusty old building indoors, when they could choose to enjoy the lush landscapes that Mother Nature has provided?

There is no doubt that the British countryside, long famed for its beauty, makes the perfect backdrop for any wedding or event, and there really is nothing quite like an outdoor wedding or garden party. However, the British Isles are not just famed for their natural beauty, as the infamous British weather is also just as well known around the world.

With the wind, cold and rain, nothing can put a drastic end to an outdoor event quite like the weather. Therefore, no matter what type of outdoor party you’re planning, one thing you must do is prepare for the weather with a marquee. Whether you’re looking for a marquee hire or instead would prefer to find a cheap marquee for sale, it’s important that you have a plan in place and somewhere for all of your guests to go should the weather not be cooperative on the day of the event.

Of course, your party marquee isn’t only for practical purposes, as there are many different types of stylish marquees that can add a touch of class and elegance to your outdoor event. In fact, most marquee hire companies offer a wide range of different options, from marquees for weddings to garden marquees, capri marquees, marquees for market stalls and almost any other type imaginable. Plus, with a marquee, you’ll ensure you have plenty of room for tables, chairs, furniture and even a dance floor if that’s your desire.

Better still, a marquee also allows you and your guests to remain comfortable at your outdoor event no matter what the weather or even the time of the year. That’s right; with a marquee you’re not limited to only holding a garden party during the warm summer months. Many companies offer heavy, insulated marquees that are perfect for use in the crisp winter months. Not only that, but many companies also offer marquee heating that will ensure your event remains toasty warm, no matter how frigid the temperatures are outside.

Hosting a garden party, wedding or other outdoor event isn’t cheap. So with all that money you’ve invested, it would be a shame if something as predictable as the weather were to ruin all of your planning and hard work. Although the weather itself may be unpredictable, protecting yourself from it is one of the easiest things you can do.
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Consider hiring a marquee for your corporate event

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marquee for corporate events

Corporate party marquees

Do you have a corporate event coming up soon?

– If yes, you should consider hiring a marquee for it.

More and more people are choosing to host their events in these structures because they come with several distinct advantages. Today you will find marquees for weddings, marquees for garden parties and there are even marquees for corporate events. Here are reasons why you should choose a marquee for your corporate event:

• The first is that you can do all sorts of things in it. You can host a company party, you can showcase your products, you can have an employee motivations session and you can even gather your shareholders there for a meeting.

• In this day when most businesses are cutting their costs, marquees come as a convenient alternative to regular venue hire because they are cheaper. The price of tents is becoming more and more affordable because there are more companies offering them and also because it is cheaper to create a marquee than it is to build a brick and mortar venue.

• A marquee gives you creative license it terms of how you use the space. You can partition it to fit the event’s needs. If you are showcasing different parts of your business, for instance, you can partition it in such a way that you have certain products sitting in certain areas. If you are having a company party you may want to have a separate dance floor and an area to hold the food.

Self Catering - Company Party in North London

Self Catering – Company Party in North London

• In many cases when you hire a venue you are usually forced to take the catering and staff that the venue provides. Not with a marquee; all they provide you with is the tent. You are free to look for your own catering company. If you don’t have one you can ask the marquee company to give you recommendations of caterers that they have worked with.

• You have control over the location of your event. When you hire a hall you are restricted – you have to hold your event there. A marquee allows you to go wherever you like. You can hold your event in the park or even out of town.

• The marquee company will do all the setting up so you don’t have to worry about hiring people to do this. They will also take the tent down once you are done.

• Most good marquee services are able to guide their clients on how they will power their tents. Some even have their own generators that you can hire. They will also tell you where you can find a mobile toilet and how to provide water for your guests to use.

As you can see, there are a good number of reasons why marquee hire for corporate events is a good idea.

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Marquee/party/event hire business

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wedding marqueesOrganizing Wedding Marquees or other similar events is often a big deal. It’s often easier to find marquees for hire instead. This is because they will have all of the experience necessary to make all of the different levels of your part or event work out. Here are some examples.


It’s easy to forget, but catering is a big part of any event. All of that food has to come from somewhere, and someone has to do all of the logistical planning for it. It’s often much easier to find some experts to do it then doing it yourself.

After all, do you really want to spend days and weeks beforehand obsessing about what type of food that you want to add at the party? This is pretty unlikely. It’s easier just to ask someone else to organize it all and just giving them the basics of what you want. After all, someone has to make a lot of phone calls to local catering businesses and wrangle scheduling and timings in order to make it all work out.

Ideally, this someone wouldn’t be you. Instead, you should be enjoying yourself.

Chairs and Furniture

Another thing that’s easy to forget about in the hustle to get an event planned properly is all of the furniture. It’s also true that the chairs and tables have to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, they won’t just pop into existence from nowhere, though that would be nice. Some venues will be able to provide enough chairs and tables for you, but this certainly isn’t always necessarily the case.

Instead, you may need someone to organize all of this as well. You’d be amazed just how much work goes into something as simple as where everyone has to sit, and making sure that everyone has their own chair.


Getting a DJ that works for everyone is also going to be an important part of many events, including weddings, for example. This is also a surprisingly complex process. You really don’t want to end up with a DJ that people aren’t going to like. Not all DJs are the same. Some mostly just play the music and stay out of people’s way.

This is going to be good for some people, but not for others. After all, some people prefer more interaction from a DJ. They prefer a DJ that can really get people moving and help everyone have fun and feel connected to everyone else at the party. But other times this isn’t going to be as ideal. Some crowds might dislike having DJs try and engage them too much. It’s really about what works for you, and this is exactly why having someone organize it all effectively is so important to your long-term enjoyment of the event. This is why getting the right marquee hire, chair hire, and catering hir is key.

Author Bio:

Becky bio1Becky was born and raised in South West London. She is a professional event hire specialist for a marquee hire Surrey company in South West London. She likes to write about trending event hire technologies and advices.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Marquee As A Market Stall

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Marquee As A Market Stall

When it comes to marquees, they really have numerous uses.  Since there are a lot of different sizes of marquees, you can choose the size according to the use you will put it to.  There are five main reasons why you should consider using a marquee as a market stall, and why a marquee makes a better market stall than any other type of stalls.

  1. Easy To Set Up

$_1A marquee is really easy to set up.  You won’t need any of advanced skills or expertise in order to set up a marquee stall.  Furthermore, they are very lightweight, and you can easily carried them and transfer them.  If you choose to use a marquee as a market stall, you will have the opportunity to set it up yourself, as well as to choose a desired size of a marquee.

  1. Cheap

Another advantage to using a marquee as a market stall is the fact does marquees are considerably less expensive than all other market stalls.  Furthermore, this will allow you to save money on stall.  Moreover, this is an inexpensive way for you to start a business, and even though it might be a small one, or just owning a market stall – we all have to begin somewhere.

Watch how to setup marquee

  1. Choose Your Location

10x10-market-layout-lgeIf you choose to use a marquee you will be able to change your location and changed the place where you keep your stall.  This will allow you to expand your business and try out different things in your business.  By no means does this mean that you are taking any kind of chances or risks considering your business, but rather that you are just expanding the possibilities and trying out new things.

  1. Easily Removed

If for any reason your house to remove your market stall, it’ll be a lot easier with marquees.  Just as they are easy to set up, they are equally easily removed.  If you want to keep your stall more mobile and light, you should definitely consider using a marquee stall for your market stall.

  1. Durable

Sometimes people wrongly believe that because marquees are easy to set up and easy to remove, that they are not as durable.  Furthermore, some people have mistaken their lightness for lack of quality.  You should be assured that marquees are very quality products which use the latest technology in order to provide quality experience.  Also marquees nowadays are made from quality materials which are quite a durable.

  1. Windows

marquee2Furthermore, you should use of marquee as a market stall because it is very easy to use, and it resembles a proper stall, and I dare say that it is even better than other kind of stalls.  Also, some people fear that a marquee stalls do not have a windows, and this is completely not true.  Marquee stalls do have windows, and they come in different designs, so you can choose from a variety of designs marquee stall which you think is the best for you and which satisfies your needs.

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